Working away from the office is incredibly convenient for many people. It has become common for people to work from home after the pandemic as many realize they do not need to sit in an office to be productive. Problems arise when those working from home try to advance their careers.

There are differing opinions when talking about whether someone deserves a promotion when they work from home. When working from home, many people will assume you are not getting your tasks even when you are never behind meeting deadlines. People working from the office have the advantage of being visible. Their work is immediately apparent, so they seem to work harder.

It is possible to get promoted when you work remotely. You may need to employ some of these strategies:

Build a Network

It is not easy to evaluate or appreciate work from telecommuters. If no one can easily judge your working conditions, you are unlikely to be promoted.

It would be beneficial to start building a network within your organization. Your connections will be able to acknowledge your hard work and give you an equal opportunity.

Straighten Your Goals

 Keeping your goals clear in mind and plan will help you plan the next steps. You have milestones to keep track of your progress.

With well-defined goals in mind, you can achieve almost anything.

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor will help you become more productive and make better decisions. They can guide you past pitfalls and allow you to draw from their experiences.

It may not be the same structured arrangement you would get if you work in the office. It will be harder to meet and talk unless you are very deliberate with it.

You should choose someone who can help you build more connections within your company and your industry. The person should have skills that will benefit you.

Ask for More Responsibilities

Your professional development is solely your responsibility. If you want to stand out, use those extra hours you have from not commuting and use them to improve some of your skills.

Take some classes and maybe pursue a master’s degree. Take skill development courses offered by your organization.

Find opportunities to show off your new skills. Ask for more or different responsibilities that will utilize a wide range of your skills.

If there are no opportunities in your team or department, ask to help another team or department. Seek out these opportunities by utilizing your network and connections.

Track Your Progress

Make sure you outline everything you have accomplished every week and send it to your supervisor; outline which projects are ongoing, their projected end time, and which ones are pending.

Give credit to your teammates where deserved.

Be as detailed as possible with your reports. Let your bosses know your work, so they do not exclude you when you apply for promotions.


Many people do not realize how important it is to ask for what you want. The physical distance between you and your supervisors makes it easy to forget you when promotions come up.

Taking the opportunity to ask your bosses for a promotion reminds them of your contributions and value.

You will likely have to keep reminding your superiors about the promotion since you are not present at the office.

Choose an appropriate time to talk with your boss about promoting you. Set up a meeting in advance and come prepared to convince him of your value. Have your updated resume ready and a list of your accomplishments memorized.

Be Visible

Try to be visible to your boss when they are in the office. You can do simple things to increase your visibility like:

  • Video conference for every meeting. Do not turn off your camera during meetings.
  • Make relevant contributions in meetings.
  • Video conference with your boss regularly to discuss completed, ongoing and pending projects.
  • Visit the office occasionally to remind everyone that you are still around.
  • Try and attend company retreats in person. Also, be a part of team-building programs.
  • Join teams working on projects even though you will contribute to the project remotely.
  • Keep in touch with your connections at the office. They can update you about any open positions coming up.


If you are hard-working and deliver your work accurately and on time, you deserve your desired promotion. If your results are comparable with those of people in the office, there is no reason you should not advance in your career.

With the help of your connections, your hard work and dedication, and your persistence in seeking your promotion, you can successfully climb your career ladder.

Also, keep in mind that you can use the company’s promotion process and manipulate the process to help you advance.

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